Clasp Life

"Helping People Keep Their Passion and Independence"


Ankh: Life

Fist: Power, Strength

Carabiner: Holdfast, Security

About Clasp Life

Tommy Fergerson had a skydiving accident where he broke 8 bones on his left side. The bones broken were three in his foot, a rib, wrist, clavicle (collar bone), scapula (shoulder blade), coracoid process (bone that keeps shoulder in the socket). He took 8 stitches across his right eye from his helmet that gouged into his eyebrow. But worst of all avulsion of his brachial plexus, (a series of nerves that move his fingers, hand, arm, shoulder, and pectoral muscle) from his spinal cord from C5-T1 that later on cost him the loss of his left arm by amputation. Being between insurances and needing the arm amputated for it was useless and could become infected; Tommy became overwhelmed. 


  • How do I continue to provide for my family?
  • Where can I find a Vascular Surgeon to perform the amputation without health insurance?
  • Where can I come up with the $60,000 to $80,000 to cover the cost?
  • How do I live my active life with the new challenges put before me due to limb loss?


Tommy was able to rise above all the obstacles with the support from his faith, family and friends. He has not let the amputation of his arm interfere with his passion for an exhilarating and fulfilling life. He has pioneered methods to ensure that he is able to continue living life to the fullest.  Tommy is the first 1 Arm Skydiver in the world to jump without a prosthetic and continues to be an accomplished skydiver, mountain climber, kayaker, swimmer and skier.


Tommy borrowed enough money to start a charity so that others do not have to endure the painstaking feeling of helplessness, depression, and being overwhelmed after a life changing event. What started as a compassionate dream, has become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Clasp Life was founded to help people keep their passion and independence. Tommy has become a highly sought-after motivational speaker, spreading a powerful message about harnessing the power of adversity to use it as fuel for greatness. He continues to inspire as the co- author of his book, “What the Freak Did I Hit?”



     We strive to help others achieve their goals using whatever means necessary.​ To lend a helping hand to those who just need a little assistance. To find the resources and/or equipment needed to make ones quality of life more fulfilling. To inspire by speaking and showing others nothing is impossible.




Whether you are dealing with Limb Loss, Lupus, Stroke, Cancer, PTSD, depression or other health obstacles, each survivor faces a unique set of challenges and losses, and each of us copes with them in his or her own way. However, the warmth, acceptance and emotional support that Clasp Life offers can often be the key to uncovering the hidden strengths many survivors possess.


We, at Clasp Life, assist in finding the resources, guidance and equipment needed to allow survivors to help themselves create meaningful lives after trauma or health related changes. We offer a hand up not a hand out.



         It is not the incident, accident, tragedy or life event that defines you; it is what you do there after!